Let the Great World Spin

At first I wasn’t convinced of all the hype. Maybe it was the Eggers enthusiastic endorsement that kept it at arms length for me. But eventually, I grew to like this book.
Events surrounding the summer day in 1974 that Philippe Petit walked on a wire strung between the World Trade Center towers. An Irish monk/priest, his bartender brother, the hookers he brings coffee for and lets use his bathroom to clean up, a car crash with one of the hookers post-police lockup. The people who hit his van, artists in the backwoods setting out to sell their work in the city, then leaving the scene of the crime to flee back to the cabin, hiding the car. The judge and his wife, who mourn the death of their hacker son in Vietnam. The crew from Palo Alto who ring up a pay phone near the Towers and have people describe the scene for them while the man is on the wire. The group of mothers who have lost sons in Vietnam.