What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Completely devoured this collection of short stories in an hour. I may need to go back and re-read, as that was too quick to savor each delicate bite.
The collection opens with a bang– Why Don’t You Dance? — where a man has moved his entire bedroom and kitchen outside to the front lawn, assembled as it was in the house, but now outside it. People slowly drive by but don’t stop. He watches. Later, a young couple who need furniture for their apartment stop to buy the bed and desk. He returns from the store with whiskey, sits and watches them paw over his stuff, accepting their lower bids easily. He turns on the phonograph and invites them to dance. The girl then dances with the man, commenting that his neighbors are watching. “That’s right,” the man said. “They thought they’d seen everything over here. But they haven’t seen this, have they?”
Through the swirl of the other stories, there are divorces, couples talking through the major moments, ex-wives putting up with bad behavior from ex-husbands (the one who stole 6 pies from her at Christmas, one for every ten times she had betrayed him), drinking, waxing philosophically about the meaning of love, birthday cake custom made for a boy who was then hit by a car, young couples, old couples, babies.