On the Lower Frequencies: A Secret History of the City

Scored this at Green Apple in the Staff Recommends section. Writings collected from the 90s and 00s that were published in various zines (Scam) and street papers (Turd Filled Donut), depicting life during that time in the Mission and Haight. Punks taking over public spaces with generators and putting on shows in doorways. Breaking into abandoned buildings and turning them into squats or art spaces and giving out free food by the bucket. Sending messages to friends in other cities via tagged train cars. Creating anti-war marches to protest the impending Iraq war, shutting down the city when Bush finally invaded. Hunt’s Donuts, open 25 hours a day, *the* place in town to fence items stolen nearby, the dividing line in the Mission between the Norteños and Sureños, the red vs. blue. Irish cops closing down Latino working class bars so they could be reopened as dive bars for the yuppie dot commers who were gentrifying the neighborhood.
At some point Lyle distances himself from his alter ego, Iggy Scam, and embraces his own talent for writing. Very enjoyable read, fills in some of the gaps I didn’t experience although I was living in the city at the same time.