To the End of the Land

A mother refuses to sit at home in Jerusalem and wait for the army to show up at her doorstep to inform her of her son’s death, so to prevent the death, she whisks away an old friend and starts walking through Galilee, hiking the Israel trail back toward Jerusalem. The story takes place as Ora and Avram hike and hike and hike; they have not been in each other’s lives for decades. Ora fills him in on the beginnings of her family with Ilan, son Adam and son Ofer, who is Avram’s son but raised by Ilan.
The book paints a thorough picture of life in war-torn Israel, but I wasn’t terribly gripped by it. In need of a 200 page chop, I could have done without the excessively long chapter about Ilan sneaking to the front to try and rescue Avram before he was captured and tortured by Egyptians. The good parts were the descriptions of the kids growing up, the building of a family. Whittled down to that story, it would be much better. I admit to speeding through the last hundred pages, desperate for closure.