What Should I Do with My Life?

Along the lines of Studs Terkel’s Working and Bowe/Bowe/Streeter’s Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs, but more focused on finding meaningful work rather than catalog all the jobs available. It starts with a glimmer that grows into a hope, and then eventually you work your ass off and turn the hope into a job.
Bronson does a nice job selecting the stories to include in the work, but I balk at the amount of “me” he puts into the recounting. Every damn story seemed to have ladies sipping iced tea exclaiming, “Po!” or Bronson recounting how he leaned in with a comforting shoulder tap. I get the need to personalize the story, but it seemed a bit much.
Overall well written, inspiring, recommendable, but still leaves me scratching my head trying to figure out this question.
Bonus: someone noted in pencil on the acknowledgements page that the book made it all the way to Machu Picchu and back to SF. I guess traveling to the ancient Incan stomping grounds wasn’t enough enlightenment gathering for them, they had to bring old Po along too.