The Postman Always Rings Twice

Frank Chambers drifts into a roadside cafe and gives up the traveling life for six months of bliss with Cora, the owner’s wife. They hatch a plan to kill the husband, Nick the Greek, which is foiled when a cat is electrocuted on the fuse box, shorting out the electricity and freaking Cora out. Once Nick recovers from his “fall in the shower”, he insists on having a baby with Cora, and she’s ready to kill again once Frank is back from a brief sojourn on the road. This time, Frank plots a complicated drunk driving accident that leaves Nick dead and both Cora & Frank locked up. A lawyer outfoxes the DA, getting them freedom. They head back to the cafe with a check for $10k insurance money, but loathe each other for ratting on the other. Cora goes home for a funeral and Frank picks up a lady at the train station, they head to Mexico. Cora comes back, a blackmail attempt by the friend of the lawyer who has Cora’s confession, Cora is pregnant, they marry and have a rejuvenating swim which resets their relationship, on the way home from the beach Frank crashes the car and kills Cora, is locked up for murder and writes this book in jail.
Similar to the film, but of course Hollywood edited out the sexy bits like Frank & Cora going at it near the car crash. And I don’t think the lady Frank picked up at the train station mentioned that she cared for jungle cats and pumas?