Re-read: The Elegance of the Hedgehog

I loved this book two years ago and suggested it for book club, thus found myself devouring it again over a weekend.
This time around I picked up on a few things I’d missed before– Paloma’s choice of June 16 as her suicide date (Bloomsday). The mirroring of Paloma & Renee’s thoughts. And the supremely cheesy ending. It started to go off the rails for me when Renee breaks down about her sister’s death. This turns into her accepting the dinner invitation from Ozu, who tells her she is not her sister and sends her weeping from the sushi restaurant. The appearance of Jean Arthenes at the end is jarring for anyone who has not read her previous book. I am more jaded this go-round, still enjoying the warm bath of delightful prose but with a more critical eye.
Original review here.