Ulysses Annotated: Notes for James Joyce’s Ulysses

It was my third attempt to summit Ulysses, and this time I sought help. Tightening my belt, strolling up Columbus on St. Patrick’s Day, I dove into City Lights Books and cried uncle, asked for the companion book. And it was invaluable. My reading routine was to prop open this book underneath Ulysses with a dictionary close at hand, and a notebook to scribble notes. This book explains allusions, jokes, puns, slang, street names, the connection to the corresponding episodes in The Odyssey, translating French/Italian/Latin. My only beef was the number of times I’d get to a note and have to look back at a previous note for information, e.g. “18.736-37 *in old Madrid… love is sighing I am dying – See 11.733n”. There was a lot of flipping back and forth and back.