Henry VI, Part I

Trying to remember these Shakespeare histories before I go to the Richard III performance next month. This one was kind of unmemorable; Henry V dies, leaving an open throne. French leader Charles mucks about with Joan of Arc (his close ties think “doubtless he shrives this woman to her smock” instead of them discussing battle strategy), England and France do battle ending with Henry VI needing to marry Margaret to seal the French peace.
Only a few choice bits worth quoting:

Winchester: Do what thou darest. I beard thee to thy face.
Glouchester: What! Am I dared and bearded to my face?

Talbot: Your hearts I’ll stamp out with my horse’s heels, And make a quagmire of your mingled brains.

Winchester: Rome shall remedy this.
Warwick: Roam thither, then.

Lucy: Oh, were mine eyeballs into bullets turned, That I in Rage might shoot them at your faces!