Colson Whitehead @ City Arts & Lectures

It figures that I’d win a pair of tickets to this event twenty minutes after I gave up and purchased them. Bonus was the free copy of his latest book, Zone One, which I ended up schlepping into the signing line for my own piece of CW’s immortal wisdom inscribed on the intro pages.
The event was hosted by Michael Krasny at the Herbst Theater. I shuffled my three tickets and chose the best seat, clutched my copy of Zone One, and watched as Colson strode into the stagelights, wearing suspenders, bowling shoes, his dreads pulled back in a massive ponytail. And he proceeded to crack himself up, giggling at his answers, telling us he always aspired to be a sickly child because that meant he could read and read and read.
His first writing attempt was a Gary Coleman-esque novel which publishers turned their noses up at. His second attempt was the Intuitionist, which everyone loved him for. He’s been cranking out quality books ever since, writing 3-4 days a week between 11-4, at least 8 pages a week. He takes 2 years off between books to walk the earth and recover from the process.
A great idea he has yet to write about: George Washington Carver and the peanut powered time machine.
On his current reading list is Game of Thrones, a bunch of poker books for a poker article/book he’s working on. Much respect for Raymond Carver and Saul Bellow (reluctantly).