Henry VI, Part 2

A much more enjoyable part of Henry 6…. more fighting, better verbal jousting, real action takes place. We pick up the story with Henry VI married to Queen Margaret as a peacemaking overture for the French. Shakes confuses Margaret’s name in Act 3, calling her Eleanor, after Gloucester’s wife. Margaret has Suffolk as her lover, shows herself as conniving and scheming in this part. She opposes the Duke & Duchess of Gloucester, dancing with joy in their disgrace (and plotting his death), and loathes York.
Opposing the Queen in this section is York and his supporters, his sons Richard, Edward, and the Earl of Warwick (Kingmaker). He waits for Humphrey Earl of Gloucester’s fall (er, murder), then springs into action as a legitimate heir to the throne. He’s whisked away to Ireland with an army to command (mistake!), which he uses upon his return to England to grasp the throne.
Fourth act of the play is dominated by Jack Cade (another pretender to the throne, but common man), then in the fifth act, York returns to England.