Zone One

Colson never disappoints on the writing front. Although initially thrown off by the thought of a zombie book, I devoured this quickly, led on by glorious strings of words (although he does repeat “carom” a few times within pages of each other). This book proves that Whitehead can take any topic and squeeze a parable of current events out of it.
Hero Mark Spitz (nicknamed after a killing spree of Olympian proportions) is part of the post apocalyptic world, clearing lower Manhattan (zone one) of skels, the living dead who persist after the plague eats their brains (after they are bitten by zombies). His Omega team consists of himself, Kailyn, and Gary, trotting their sleeping bags across the city, clearing out bodies for Disposal, offing skels that loom in their way.
Part zombie flick, part commentary about current society, how we all yearn for our neighbors to drop dead and winnow the line at Whole Foods. Spitz is a survivor, and continues to survive after the wall falls and the undead sweep again into the city.
Read this within two weeks of its publication, a record for me. It also helps that I got a free copy as part of my winning tickets to hear him in conversation with Krasney at the Herbst Theater last week. Stood in line like a fool and got an autographed copy to boot. That makes 2 for me: Whitehead and Ken Kesey. Not a bad record.