Orion You Came And You Took All My Marbles

Dizzying work, not quite sure what happens in this one. Is this an insane asylum crew, does she just have amnesia, what? Even while you aren’t sure what’s happening, you’re driven forward in mad bursts of playful words and phrasing.
I fear this is the type of writer I would be, jettisoning convention to admire the turn of a phrase, a bow to each other, the Quadrille.
Some bits about shoemakers and the fantastic collection of handmade 9.5 size shoes. Mr. Uppal of Up all Puppet, the professor, PU. There’s gravel, and golfcarts, and shrimp from Tiki Ty. There’s Bandersea, where people take rests, most noticeably Kiki B. There’s the Lamb, and Murphy, and Binelli handing out assignments. There’s the great mystery of pillows. Deviled eggs coming gushing out of pockets along with picnic baskets and madelines.