Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter

Quick and utterly forgettable beach read about the service industry from the perspective of a seminary dropout turned waiter. I needed a light read to off-ramp from the heady stories I’ve been reading lately, and this was a piece of bubblegum quickly consumed and spat out. The premise: out of work, desperate for cash, he takes a gig as a waiter, sees firsthand the brutality of the job- angry owners, psychotic waitstaff, harried chefs. He moves on to a second restaurant, works there for years, develops a blog where he rants about customers. Sprinkled in with stories from the floor are his attempts at writing. He sadly watches time pass and feels disconnected from it all. Eventually he scores a book deal (so meta!) and ramps down his shifts, is sacked for bad attitude, goes to a calmer joint with only a few shifts a week. Poorly edited, he repeats himself, mentioning the off-cycle lifestyle of waiters and how awesome it is to not have to search for parking because when waiters are off, everyone else is on.