The Odyssey

I was captivated by Fagles’ translation of The Iliad, so I stuck with the master translator for the sequel, The Odyssey, which was an entirely different beast. The same rules apply of sacrificing to the gods = BBQ & drinking, but this story covers an immensely larger territory, dipping into the war over Troy (Trojan horse executed by Odysseus’ cunning), covering O’s journey back from Troy, blown off course, into the Lotus Eaters, Cyclops (O’s trickery in naming himself “Nobody”), Aeolus master of the wind whose bag of winds is opened by O’s crew when he is sleeping and blows them off course, cannibals of Laestrygonia destroy every ship but O’s, Circe turns his crew into pigs and they stay for a year, then Calypso takes him husband/hostage for many years. Meanwhile, Penelope is guarding her marriage bed against the myriad of suitors who drink/eat O’s food. Telemachus, son of O & P, goes on a brief journey to find word of his illustrious father. His return is after O has reached Ithaca safely, in the custody of the swineherd. O & T hatch a plan to sweep the suitors from his palace, which comes to fruition.
* Telemachus’ sneeze seals Penelope’s prayer to the gods
* Bird signs are taken very seriously, winging to the right is good luck
* The swineherd’s actions are introduced in a very loving second person, “You”