In Praise of Laundromats

I’m doing a little guest blogging and fairly happy with the laundromat piece. Excerpt:

This is where the revolution will begin. These are the dispossessed, the weary, the downtrodden, the forgotten, the left-behind. These are the eagled-eyed scanning the floor near the change machine. These are the grey hulks of men, slouched napping in the hard plastic chairs. These are the nearly-robotic folders, an army of daughters wading through the crop of laundry harvested from the dryers. This is the place where handmade signs abound, advertising services and roommates and music lessons, with takeaway slips pre-cut for your convenience. This is a place where you can smell boredom. And that smell will cling to you until you shake it off and rise up and take to the streets and march to save our laundromats. Take one for a spin today before it folds.