Through the Safety Net: stories

This one lingered a bit longer on my table than it should have. I was reluctant to read it, not really loving the writing when I picked it up a few days ago. But tonight’s plowing through the stories reinforced my wavering opinion of the Bibiloracle’s taste. (Got the recommendation from his tweet bemoaning the lack of recognition for Midwestern writers, had the book delivered to the library a few days later.)
A book of short stories from 1985 that doesn’t have any 80s window dressing that would date it, very refreshing. Baxter does write well, but not astonishingly so. Memorable characters: the advertising writer whose Saturdays were protected zones for protracted drinking (Eleventh Floor), a drunken grad student’s slippery drive to pick up his soon to be ex-fiancee (Winter Journey), a bereft janitor plotting his fame as walking through a plate glass window (Media Event), and Gryphon‘s substitute teacher that told kids it was ok to think 11 x 6 was 68 because sometimes it was.