What Alice Forgot

A light and fluffy “beach-read” consumed in four hours last night; sometimes it’s good to give the old noggin’ a rest from having to think, to let it glide on top of a casual word-frolic. Alice wakes up on the floor of the gym, having flung off her bike during spin class and sustained a head injury that drops her back in 1998 while the mean world of 2008 swirls around her. She has no memory of her three kids, or why she’s getting a divorce from hubby Nick. Ten years vanish in her mind, she becomes “young again,” completely ignorant of how to be the perfect mom she was (heading up committees, having fund-raisers, organizing the baking of a world record largest merengue pie). She discovers things about herself she doesn’t really like, has the opportunity to re-engage with people she’d alienated over that decade. Side stories of sister undergoing IVF treatments (spoiler: sister finally has a baby with the last chance egg), mother re-marrying skeevy father of Nick and salsa dancing, “grandmother” Fannie falling in love with a guy at her retirement home. Alice’s memory returns, she briefly hates her husband again, but never fear gentle reader, there is a happy ending lurking in the bushes (shocking!).