Lasso the Wind: Away to the New West

Published over 15 years ago, this still holds up as a relevant and detailed picture of what’s happening in western America and what previously happened. Defiant cowboys openly abusing public lands, Indians attempting to recapture self-sufficiency and dignity, pillaging and excavating valuable elements from gorgeous previously unspoiled landscapes, epic battles over water, ancient glyphs and graphs discovered then needing protection from graffiti. Very nicely written, weaving personal experience with historical fact and political battle. The author and his brothers go fishing at an undisclosed spot in Idaho, discussing how you’re never more than 25 miles from a road in modern America.
The historical stuff touched on scenes hidden from viewРthe massacre in Utah of a train of non-Mormon emigrants trying to pass through to California, the People of the Blue-Green Water living inside the Grand Canyon for over 800 years, the continual habitation of Acoma (built on the crown of a sandstone butte that soars from a table 400 feet below, 7,000 ft above sea level), the ravaging of Acoma by O̱ate who cut off their hands and feet. Hat tips to Edward Abbey along the way.
Reco’d by EZ