Heartwarming story of a facially challenged (deformed) kid entering 5th grade, his first real school after being homeschooled during years of surgeries. Told from the perspective of Auggie, the face of wonder, and everyone around him (at least, all the non-adults). Wrapped up tightly into the happiest standing-ovation type endings, but I suppose most YA fiction does this. Heavy drumbeat on the message of being kind (kinder than necessary) as everyone struggled to deal with their initial shock/surprise at seeing Auggie’s face. Kids being cruel and kind in turn; Jack Will being asked to show Auggie around the school and then really enjoying his company but making rude comments on Halloween when goaded by Julian (the evil doer). The ensuing “war” between Jack and Julian caused by Auggie’s presence. The popular kids who eventually migrate to Jack & Auggie’s side. Bullies from the 7th grade taunting Auggie and causing the jocks to stand up for Auggie. Parallel story of Via/Olivia entering high school (Auggie’s sister), her changing friendship with Miranda, her boyfriend Justin who pretends his fiddle case is a machine gun and threatens the bullies that are harassing Jack with it.