Long Quiet Highway: Waking Up in America

I’m ambivalent about this book. Something in Goldberg’s tone stuck in my craw, her self-importance perhaps, but I grudgingly give respect for her ability to push herself out there, to confront her ego by recognizing it. More enjoyable were the echoes of her epic book, Writing Down The Bones, and details about studying with Zen Master Katagiri Roshi in Minnesota for several years. She gave several shout outs to the Zen Center in San Francisco, nestled cozily on Page Street a few blocks away. Also interesting description of returning to Taos after many years absence and being dismayed by the gentrification, but she catches herself and says it’s not that, it’s just that the people she knew had moved away or changed. It was a different scene in her hippie days living in communes and operating a health food store. Picked this up after seeing it categorized as a travel book, but it’s more of same old same old Goldberg on Zen and writing.