The Blind Assassin

Thick plots swirl through this tremendous work, layers and layers of story to peel away. Impossible not to get swept up in the details, twists unfolding across decades, you bob along carried by the rush of dramatic current. Stories within stories, all delicately unfurled and gleaming. The story of the blind assassin told between lovers in various snatched moments, then repackaged and sold as Laura Chase’s posthumous tale. Iris and Laura meet Alex Thomas at a button factory picnic, an event that changes the course of their lives. Iris later sold into marriage to her father’s competitor, Richard Griffen, an unhappy time finally mended after Laura drives a car off a cliff and Iris finally has the ammunition to leave Richard (evidence of his philandering with Laura). All of this recounted by Iris as she inches toward death, an old woman with a heart condition who makes strategic walks into town (the donut shop) that have bathrooms available, eager to read the latest graffiti dialogue. Absolutely stunning work of art… how have I neglected Atwood for so long?