The Rosie Project

A brainless book (lite-lit) that you can consume in a few hours if unable to process anything that requires thought or taste. I’m actually surprised I ended up reading it, with a terrible first sentence like “I may have found a solution to the Wife Problem.” The narrator, Don, is an autistic geneticist who creates a questionnaire for potential mates to weed out undesirables (smokers, drinkers, people who can’t do math properly). His pal, Gene, is cheating on wife Claudia by trying to sleep with women of all nationalities. Gene takes over the collection of the data from questionnaires (sleeping with some of the specimens himself), and sends Rosie into Don’s office. Rosie’s a grad student in Gene’s psychology department who has a question about genetics for Don but who ends up getting asked to dinner at a fancy spot she used to waitress at. When Don arrives on his bike in the rain and is denied entrance due to lack of dinner jacket, he uses his aikido skills to throw the bouncer down. Rosie & Don end up at his place, and she has a first-hand look at his obsessive nature that dictates the same meals each day of the week at the same time. She finally spills her quest, to discover who her father is, and Don agrees to help, ending up bartending at a medical school reunion (after memorizing the cocktail book) to gather swabs from potential candidates. They travel to NYC from Australia for 2 final DNA samples, and Don realizes he needs to change his behavior to be more accommodating to a relationship with Rosie after a disastrous final night (he throws the sex book on the bed and tells her to choose). Back home, he begins the Don Project to change his appearance (haircut, new glasses, clothes) and mannerisms. It all culminates in a dinner where he proposes to Rosie but she refuses. One final scene the next day where she ends up accepting. A cardboard schlock book that can be skipped.