The Dead Ladies Project: Exiles, Expats, and Ex-Countries

This will be a lazy post due to travel-weary eyes and brain trying to push this out and move on to the next. I read the first half of this book with gusto, enjoying the sections on William James, Rebecca West (whose half face appears on the cover), Margaret Anderson (“Thinking something is impossible is actually a really good way to go about accomplishing it. When one feels that failure is inevitable, it frees one up for experimentation.”), and even bits of the Maud Gonne where she expands on the idea of “learned helplessness.” The rest became more of a chore to read, resulting in skimming to find the personal parts, the story of her travels around Europe for a year and a half, although I did read the Jean Rhys section closely. There was a brief redeeming bit toward the end about Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore’s devious anti-Nazi plotting via slips of paper into German soldiers’ pockets on Jersey Island.