Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble

Dan Lyons’s tell-all book about his dark days spent in the internet mines reads quickly and occasionally offers bits of comedic gold. My main beef is the dick-centric viewpoint that Lyons uses, so happy to retreat to the writers’ room of the show Silicon Valley where he can joke about dry vaginas, bitching and moaning about the sexual harassment complaint nearly filed against him for making inappropriate comments about hiring 19 year old German nannies to care for his kids.

Mostly he wants us to know how tough it is to go from the glorious life of a well-respected journo (Fortune, Newsweek) to slogging marketing bullshit on Hubspot’s blog, especially as a man over the age of fifty in a sea of twenty-somethings who enjoy being paid with beer and candy. He’s finally relieved to be working with adults again once he escapes. Interesting footnote to the book is the firing of the CMO and his direct boss who were caught trying to steal the manuscript, although no other details are available about how they were caught, what they were doing.

I live/d through this life and am not entirely sure why I wanted to spend a few hours reading about his take on the brogrammer culture. Typo (“fram” instead of “from”) on page 246 also leaves me irrationally irked. For the same reasons that I don’t watch Silicon Valley, I don’t recommend this book. Your time is better spent taking a walk.