The Price of Salt

I broke my rule of not reading a book once I’d seen the movie yet again with Highsmith’s Price of Salt. And while it wasn’t as exasperating as seeing Matt Damon’s face looming up from the pages of Mr. Ripley, it was still distracting to have lingering ghosts of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara float by. The film fairly closely follows the plot of the book, a shopgirl struck dumb with love at the sight of Carol, her well-meaning but cloddish boyfriend, her artistic friends, the road trip, etc. More in the book about Therese being a set designer and trying to get work on plays than I remember from the movie. The brother of the guy who gets her a gig in NY ends up meeting her out West and trying to convince her to join him in Oakland, but she drives back to NY and has her flim flam meeting with Carol, she asks Therese to move in with her and Therese turns her down, but then a few hours later tracks her to the bar she’d said she was going to, and they exuberantly rejoin forces.