Notorious RBG

Delightful recap of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s life so far, that amazing powerhouse of a Supreme Court Justice who has been churning out forceful dissents against the right-leaning court. The sexism she faced during law school and beyond will turn your stomach, but always a good reminder of how much bullshit had to be dealt with. Told she had to accept a very modest salary because her husband already had a good job, she asked about a bachelor colleague and was told that he was getting a normal salary despite not having a family to raise.

The book dissects some of her most notable dissents, and layers in a few of the best graphics from the Notorious RBG meme alongside biographical info. RBG’s tactic has been to make slow and steady progress, chipping away at the disgraceful stone of our discriminatory laws for years upon years. Here’s to as many more years of RBG as we can handle.


* RBG had Vladimir Nabokov as a lit prof at Cornell