Women in Public

Elaine Kahn’s poetry was recently featured in Hyperallergic, so I took this book for a spin. The poems highlighted in that post are good examples of her work, particularly Adult Acne and Women in Public. For me, this toe dip back into poetry was/is to see what’s going on in the world of poetry, any new rule breakers out there, is it all just jib-jabber white space? Kahn shows me that it’s still about playing with words, plunking bits of thought into lines haphazardly, poking fun at sestinas, the usual lot but with plucky titles that function as standalone lines. Blargh, it didn’t pull me, knead my dough, in the way that I wanted it to. I’ll keep looking. Occasionally I’ve experienced a lightning bolt from a poem, I want that on demand. (Greedy)