The Elements of Eloquence

I got tipped off about this book from multiple mentions online showcasing this section:

And sadly, this is the best nugget that comes from reading the book, the fact that someone has gone and written down the order of how adjectives must be. Otherwise, you’re facing 39 chapters of an educated man being quite clever and wink winking at you with some casual sexism thrown in as afterthought to spice up the taste. I actually was enjoying it for a few pages, but soon tired of his trick of ending one chapter with an example of whatever the next chapter was going to cover. The author shows he’s a true Renaissance man by quoting not just Shakespeare, Milton, Coleridge, but also Pulp Fiction, Dirty Harry, President Obama.

Ultimately, beautiful and memorable lines boil down to structure and rhythm, repetition and sound. I definitely didn’t need to read a book like this to find that out.