The Making of Donald Trump

No one should read this book all at once unless they have a high tolerance for withstanding nausea. I had to take frequent sanity breaks, more than once questioning why I was continuing to read about this man whom I’d like to see punched in the face. David Cay Johnston is not the best writer, but he’s a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist who cranked out this book in time for the frenzy of election season. The only new thing I learned was that Trump is a germophobe and that a long suppressed documentary by Libby Handros has been released. Oh, and there was a prank by Spy magazine in 1990 to find out who was the cheapest rich New Yorker, sending $1.11 refund checks to 58 of the richest NY’ers. Those who cashed those checks got another check for half the amount, then half again, and again. Trump and Adnan Khashoggi (Saudi arms dealer) both cashed $0.13 checks.

He’s a petty tyrant focused on revenge, fraud, money, his fragile ego, and he had a $12k/month trust fund while in diapers, and he has called up journalists planting stories using a fake name for the past 30 years. He’s a loser.