Black Wave

All the poets are waving their arms ecstatically about this, a chorus of praise from Eileen Myles, Maggie Nelson, etc. It makes me wonder if they aren’t just this group of friends that all cheerlead each other’s books on. Or maybe I just don’t appreciate Michelle Tea as much because I’m not a lesbian. At any rate, I think this book has been over-hyped.

It’s a decent story, split between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and once you get to the LA part the SF part starts to make a bit more sense as to why she’s writing in third person. But it doesn’t exactly make the first part smooth sailing while you’re clunking your way through.

What’s good about it: depiction of SF during the late 1990s in the first dot boom, glimpses of a world that’s changed over and over. Also, once in LA and the world starts to end, some good doomsday end of times stuff. Inclusion of Matt Dillon seemed a bit silly, but whatever, I guess she needed some LA celebrity bits.