Bricks and Mortar

A middling Persephone title that may be of serious interest to anyone with a passion for architecture. The story follows young architect, Martin, in Rome to do some sketching before starting his apprenticeship in London, who is maneuvered into marriage by Lady Stapleford, intent on getting rid of her daughter Letty. The young couple have a daughter, Stacey, and a sickly son, Aubrey. The son is petted and spoiled by the mother and grandmother, no expense spared for education despite his lackluster success. Stacey is far more interested in mathematics and sketching and follows in her father’s footsteps as much as allowed for a woman. WWI comes along to disrupt the apple cart, Stacey’s hasty marriage to a handsome brute luckily cut short when he dies, but she must suffer for several more years before her first love, Oliver, ‘s wife also succumbs (poisons herself). Richly decorated text flush with architectural details (at points it seemed like yammering on). Letty dies eventually, Martin becomes an old man, Stacy & Oliver marry and have healthy children, Martin finally gets a home in the country he’s always dreamed of, but meets his end of life after toppling off a ladder to view some of his son-in-law’s work.