Rolling Blackouts: Dispatches from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq

Just because a book is a graphic novel does not mean it will provide an escape from the torments of modern life in 2017. I turned to Rolling Blackouts without knowing much about what I was getting into, and found myself deep in a swirl of minutely detailed journalism about Syria, Iraq, Turkey, and a trip that a group of friends took to suss out stories of refugees in 2010. Glidden is the graphic journalist who goes along to document the process of her friends Sarah and Alex working their freelance journalism, along with Sarah’s childhood friend Dan’s reaction of returning to Kurdistan after having served as an army vet. Heartbreaking stories, gripping yet mindnumbing details. I picked up some tips on journalism along the way, such as asking subjects to talk about how their group or work is misunderstood – everyone has an answer for that one. “What are some common misconceptions….?”