I’ll Tell You in Person

Chloe Caldwell’s latest book serves as a cautionary tale to the publishing industry—do not bother printing the so-called writing or thoughts of anyone under the age of 30. She’s consumed with herself, a millennial on full display, proudly showcasing her lack of awareness and blithely blundering through her privilege. “It wasn’t my first trip to Europe. Maybe I just get depressed in Europe…” and “I didn’t have money for the Amtrak, and my mom generously bought my train tickets and gave me enough money to get my hair blown out…”

She loves name dropping, Cheryl Strayed is a BFF that she babysits for and has dinner with all the time, Maggie Estep, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Gaby Hoffman. Surprisingly, she had an unnamed celebrity in Hungry Ghost (how on earth did she control herself??).

A few stories were mildly interesting but most of this was shockingly bad. She’s had 2 other books published? In an interview with LARB, she actually said, “nothing I do is usually intentional… I like to stay in a bubble of idiocy. It keeps me creative.”