The Sisters Chase

Sarah Healy has written a gorgeous novel about two sisters left alone after their mother dies in a car accident, without money because the hotel she owned was in the red. Mary, aged 18 at the time, whisks Hannah, aged 4, into their car and heads south to her mother’s cousin Gail in Florida, where she seduces Gail’s husband and photographs it for $10k blackmail. This gives Mary and Hannah enough to get on their feet, travel a bit and then settle into a town and get Hannah schooled. Only Mary chooses the town that her love, Stefan, grew up in, and concocts a flat tire in front of his house before Christmas when he’s visiting, causing them to reunite after 6 years. Naturally, Mary is really Hannah’s mom, and Stefan is her father, but all of this doesn’t come out concretely until the end. It’s beautifully written, well-paced, a delightful treat for the otherwise harried mind.