Works & Days

Who am I to judge poetry? And yet, that’s what do with each entry here. I liked this collection less than Scarlet Tanager, it felt like an exercise in filling up some pages to get paid, moaning about not having money, being poor, Phil having to go to his job and the car being broken. Including bits of Jumble words as filler. Entries like spasmodic journaling. I did learn that Monsanto has a building in the St. Louis botanical gardens named after it, though. And I did like this poem called “Walking Like A Robin”:

take 3 or 4 steps then stop/look smell taste touch & hear/is there anything to eat?/oh look, there’s some caviar/it must be my birthday, thanks/i must be very old, like seventy/i guess i’m falling apart, i’ll just/sew myself back together but will it last?/please take a piece of me back home, each piece/is anti-war and don’t pay your rent, in fact/remember: property is robbery, give everybody/everything, other birds walk this way too