Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living

Zzzzzzzzzz. I need to come up with a term for books like this, stretched out prose pulled from a blog by print publishers desperate for eyeballs. My own eyeballs got strained by rolling in their sockets at the obvious tips: stop eating at restaurants! that daily coffee adds up! wow, why do women spend so much money on makeup & clothes?! look how cheap we can get furniture on Craigslist! Besides the lack of anything interesting to say w/r/t frugal living, you have to suffer through the tale told from the perspective of a woman who has been begging this guy to marry her as soon as they graduate college (barf) and then them desperately trying to have a baby (double barf and also contrary to frugality). In the end they win b/c they find a decent house to buy in Cambridge, MA, that they rent out and survive on that income while living on their homestead in Vermont which miraculously came with fiber Internet already installed.