Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen

A million people seem to love this book more than I did. The Guardian had it as one of the top 10 lost women’s classics for some reason. It’s tolerably well written, slightly engaging, but I suppose most of the content missed its target market with all the meaty dishes she was whipping up. Tales of making do and attempting things haphazardly and dinner parties and the soothing taste of chicken noodle soup. I did appreciate her advice on baking bread, to not let the dough dictate your schedule but for you to punch it down whenever you got back from wherever you were that afternoon, perhaps even twice. And I may try her idea for steaming then sauteing broccoli with garlic until the garlic is soft, tossing it into a blender with lemon juice & olive oil & salt & pepper, blending to use as a sauce for pasta.