My Time at Tiffany’s

What’s confusing about this memoir is that it’s so terribly written and yet it has a co-author. I would expect a barely readable book from someone who’s not a writer by trade (e.g. the artist/window dresser Moore), so what involvement did Jay Hyams have?

Getting past the dreary, heavy, feeling-like-words-are-encased-in-cement quality to the account, if you can hang in there, there’s lots of great detail about the artists Moore worked with to collaborate on windows for Bonwit Teller and Tiffany’s. Jasper Johns and Bob Rauschenberg (aka “Matson Jones”) loom large in the late 1950s windows for both stores. Moore claims Warhol was already known when he tapped him for displays.

Tidbit learned: Maurice Sendak got his start designing displays for FAO Schwartz.