Saul Steinberg by Harold Rosenberg

When The Paris Review reprinted Harold Rosenberg’s review of Saul Steinberg’s The Labyrinth, I was delighted by the simple yet complex drawings and headed to the library to inhale more about Steinberg.

Born in Romania, bopping around Europe pre-WW2, studying architecture in Italty before washing up on the shores of New York. Fairly immediately he was recruited to go to China to confuse the spies there with his drawings as part of the war effort.

Steinberg photographed wearing a mask of he’d drawn on a paper bag

Paging through the hundreds of plates, admiring his portraits done by fingerprinting, I was struck by the thought that both he & Ralph Steadman came at their art by way of technical training (Steinberg as architect, Steadman designing planes at the factory he loathed going to).