The Bride’s Kimono

Another improbable and slightly idiotic mystery from Sujata Massey, but I’ve chosen my drug of choice to end the year on, and I continue to dose with her dumbed down stories. This one focused on Japanese historical item: kimono, with Rei traveling to the U.S. to deliver a lecture while accompanying 10 priceless kimono, one of which goes missing/stolen. A woman who sat beside Rei on the plane from Japan gets killed, Rei hooks up with her old British/Scottish boyfriend again, her Japanese boyfriend shows up and she breaks things off (he dramatically lurching from the restaurant intent on humiliating her), her parents fly in from California, she’s accused by DC police of being a prostitute. It’s all very muddled and only reaches fever pitch in the last 20 pages when the assistant director of the Tokyo museum where the kimono are on loan from is busted almost killing Rei. Meh.