You Think It, I’ll Say It: Stories

I’ve been getting quality recommendations from everyone’s Best of 2018 lists, including this collection of stories by Curtis Sittenfeld whose pert, sassy, sensitive writing creates oddball characters you can’t help but like. She sneaks in sentences like this that pack quite the punch: “I had no idea, of course, that of all the feelings of my youth that would pass, it was this one, of an abundance of time so great as to routinely be unfillable, that would vanish with the least ceremony.” Characters include a narrator who keeps up a years-long email correspondence with his brother’s wife, mostly about classical music they love; a woman on her honeymoon who runs into a high school bully also on her honeymoon; an OCD twenty-something volunteer at a shelter for kids in DC; a woman who loses her license and ends up sleeping with the shuttle bus driver even though he’s a Trump supporter; several stories had new moms dealing with breast feeding.