Zen Attitude (A Novel of Suspense)

End of year luxuriating in mindless mystery novels has replaced my usual mid-century British novel fetish way of unwinding the year. I enjoyed Massey’s mystery, The Widows of Malabar Hill, so have been haunting the shelves of the library to grab as many of her other works as possible.

This was my first of her Rei Shimura series, an American half-Japanese, half-white woman living in Tokyo working as an antiques reseller and struggling with a relationship with a wealthy Brit. In this one, there’s a scroll hidden inside a piece of furniture she acquires for a client, which leads to the death of several people. After her Brit boyfriend hits her, she squats in an abandoned temple to try to pull her life together, and unravel the mystery. It’s dumb, it’s fine, it’s just an entertaining read.