500 Capp Street: David Ireland’s House

A few months ago I finally made it to 500 Capp Street to check out the David Ireland house and was stunned by the delicious curved walls on the second floor, the walls stripped down to their original plaster and coated with polyurethane to shine. Fantastic that artwork has been preserved as a museum piece (but I wish we’d been able to climb up the wooden ladder that was apparently in one of the bedrooms up to a loft that Ireland built?!). Ireland’s original intention was to renovate the broken down house but instead he stabilized it and preserved its elements, even marking with plaques on the wall the two spots where he damaged the stairway when removing a heavy safe from the previous owner. He created sculpture from bits of what the previous tenants left behind and made his home a living piece of art. Purchased for $50k in 1975, he lived in the house until he had to move into assisted living in the 2000’s, but he was alive to know that his home was purchased by an art lover who would keep it intact.