How It All Began

This puts the “light” in “delightful”—just a soapy, wafty, story-laden beach read of a book to pull one into the life of a handful of various characters all changed by a single event, when an older woman gets mugged and breaks her hip. This event ripples into the lives of her daughter and son-in-law, her daughter’s employer (Lord P, the elderly academician) and his niece Marion (who has to accompany him to a luncheon where she meets a businessman who scams her), Marion’s married lover whose wife discovers the text that Marion sends begging off an engagement because she must accompany her uncle to that luncheon, and Anton, the Eastern European seeking help with his reading skills from Charlotte (the older women who was mugged), who Rose (the daughter) falls in love with. It’s a well-paced stream of plot, little bits parceled out to keep you hungrily paging for more.