Silicon City: San Francisco in the Long Shadow of the Valley

In his effort to create a fair and balanced telling of the city, McClelland serves up a tepid book of mediocre interest. Written in the style of Studs Terkel’s Working, McClelland interviews a handful of SFers for their stories, letting Matt Gonzalez rub shoulders against Ron Conway who buts up against the Google Bus protest organizer. Best interview was with one of the first Uber drivers who talks about how he drove all the tech gurus around in the early days (Travis, Jack Dorsey, Elon, the Airbnb guy) and there wasn’t anything inspiring about them which gave him hope that it was easier to succeed in this city than it seems. Another great interview mentions the young kids with strollers in Hayes Valley who think the city is getting better (she calls them libertarian dicks). Blander than it had to be, unfortunately.