Ruby Ray: Kalifornia Kool: Photographs 1976-1982

Extremely talented photographer Ruby Ray was on the scene when punk broke open in San Francisco in the mid-1970s. She wielded her camera expertly, layering double exposures, timed exposures, experimental amazingness, tinged with a dose of sass (especially throwing shade on Sid Vicious, whose antics were decidedly not appreciated). Invaluable documentation of the early days, incredible shots of Mark Mothersbaugh & gang, Darby Crash’s exuberance, the hole in the wall hotel room where punk fans lived at the Oz Hotel, pantsed Jello Biafra, and just tons of glorious Mabuhay footage.

I love this photo of Jean Conner and Bruce:

And is this the old parking lot near Sutro Baths that’s been turned into a tidy tourist spot?