School for Barbarians: Education Under the Nazis

A disturbing look at Germany in the 1930s by Erika Mann (daughter of Thomas Mann), detailing the systematic dismantling of the family and Hitler’s emphasis on recruiting and training the youth who would then snitch on their parents for not being Nazi enough. Every child shouted “Heil Hitler” as a greeting between 50-150 times a day, way more than the more neutral “hello” was said previously. Required by law, it was used to open and close study periods, say to friends/acquaintances/family members (“if your parents’ first words when you come home to lunch are not ‘Heil Hitler!’ they have been guilty of a punishable offense and can be denounced”), end your nightly prayers with. Women’s only job was to push out more babies which would become the future army. Everything was geared toward inevitable war war war. Published in 1938.