The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness

Why yes, this library book was a great resource to help sort through the low moods and depression wrapped up with grief and tangled in the muck of general life in late capitalism. For anyone familiar with meditation, Zen, mindfulness, it’s a welcome refresher of the common sense way of dealing with your thoughts, to strip them of the power to control your actions/reactions. Depression is a war we wage against ourselves and we seem to relish fighting ourselves by feeding our brain with constant negative propaganda. What happens when we feel sad? We don’t like it, so we ask our brain to focus on the difference between what IS and what SHOULD BE, further spiraling ourselves because we can’t fix sadness by wishing ourselves happy. Instead of getting caught up in this sucking whirlpool of negative thought, we can simply be more aware of what’s happening instead of just reacting.

“Intentionally separating an unpleasant experience into thoughts, feelings, and body sensations allows the mind to respond more creatively than it would to the perception of an event as monolithic, impenetrable, and overwhelming.”

When things are tough, the task is to focus on each moment and to handle it as best you can. If you can shift your perspective even a tiny bit, that affects the next moment and the next and can have a huge impact.

Be aware, be aware, be aware.