Despite actively hating one of Chloe Caldwell’s other books, I took this one up and enjoyed it. A novella tracing the narrator’s falling in love with a woman for the first time, having moved to the city for a change of scenery and after dumping yet another boyfriend she meets Finn, an older woman in a long-term relationship (which she refuses to leave). The narrator is a 20-something author who gets a job at a library and enjoys having patrons recognize her face from her book jacket. She’s a recovering addict who gloms onto Finn as her latest addiction, an unhealthy obsessive relationship/affair follows, which she turns into the art of this book. Left with a few breadcrumbs for other books, like the one this Jeanette Winterson quote is from: “There’s nothing so sweet as wallowing in it, is there? Wallowing is like sex for depressives.”